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Ennio Tullo

Ennio Tullo Ennio Tullo Ennio Tullo Ennio Tullo

Tullo Ennio

Ennio Tullo born in Corato (BA), South Italy, in 1968. Photographer, artist and creative, image researcher, founds in 1996 the advertising agency "Studio X Design", in wich he's still the art direction. He increase his skills studying and experimenting the problem of "image and communication", as a product of the projectual rappresentation, as a perception of the ambient, and as a non-verbal communication. Due to his creative skills, he creates advertinsing campaign for the fashion industry, and more. His pictures sometimes raise controversy in the tentative to accuse bad habits that italians prefer to hide. The will to discover, to excite and capture, are the concept that describe his art.

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Origine : Italie


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